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Step Drill Bit

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The drill is among the most common tools you’ll see in almost every garage. Without the drill, many projects could not be accomplished as easily.


Mount a drill bit on a drill and you’ll see how easy you can create holes for your purposes.


A step drill bit is a special kind of drill bit used for boring large holes. The name speaks part of its purpose. A step drill bit is made to gradually increase the size of the hole created as it is driven deeper.


The shape of a step drill bit is similar to an inverted cone. It has a sharp tip used to initiate the drilling and a large body that increases the size of the hole as it penetrates. 

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Drill bits are designed to bore holes in various types of materials. From wood, plastic and steel there are drill bits designed to perfectly create holes for individual purposes. Step drill bits are primarily made for drilling holes on materials like copper, aluminum, and brass. It can also be used to create holes of other materials like plastic and wood. These materials are quite easy to make holes however through step drill bits precision and accuracy are maintained.


Sizes for step drills and step bits vary. Thus, when purchasing one it is strongly recommended that you find the most suitable size for your needs. Purchasing in a set is also seen as an advantage, since there may be times when you need more than just one size for a project. Having a selection of sizes can save you time and money as well. In addition to that, a set of step drill bit is a lot cheaper rather than purchasing it individually. 



  step drill bit  step drills  step drill  step drill



For simple usage, common sizes include 1/8" - 1/2", 3/16" - 1/2", 1/8" - 7/8", 1/4" - 3/4", and 7/16" - 1-1/8". For most dealers, a set of drill bits comes in 12 pieces with sizes incrementing to the labeled limit. Aside from the sizes mentioned, there are also other sizes available that are made to create larger holes suitable for various types of works.


Prices of step drill bits also vary depending on the type of material used. The more durable the material the more expensive the bit goes. Step drill bits are most commonly made of regular steel, high speed steel, titanium nitride coated, carbide tipped, and cobalt. Other bits are also made of the same materials no matter what their sizes and designs are.


Regular steel bits are priced as the most inexpensive type. This type of material is suitable for boring holes on wood and plastic. Regular steel bits can also be used for metals but may become dull within few uses. High speed steel bits on the other hand are more expensive the regular steel but offers more robust and rigid performance. Titanium nitride coated are a bit expensive than high speed steel and offers easy boring on hard materials like steel.



Carbide tipped and cobalt step drill bits are the most expensive type of bits. They are more expensive than the rest of the group, but the performance that goes with the price is absolutely incomparable. Most shops use carbide tipped and cobalt bits for their requirements to ensure that they enjoy more usage of their bits before opting for any replacements.


We have included the pictures of several types of step drill bits and sets on this site, as well as an informational video above, and we discuss specific options such as a Neiko bit and Kreg bits. Have a look!